It’s Like GrubHub For Mortgages

We all know that mobile access to the internet is essential.

Many people today prefer to do their research and shopping on a mobile device, despite it having, like… a teeny, tiny, (and in all likelihood cracked) screen. It’s true! I googled it!

Did you know that according to Statista, 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online… in 2018? Monochromatic outfit and charcoal smoothie, anyone?

According to Google Analytics,  in the glorious year of 2020, about one quarter of website traffic arrives at our site via a mobile device…

But interest is growing like my credit card debt (way to make the minimum payment, DeeDee!)

In fact interest in mortgage shopping online will only continue to rise in popularity, due to our comfort and familiarity with technology – in no small part aided by the ever growing pressure the SARS-CoV-2  Pandemic has placed on us to do less in person.

Why not make the most of less face time? Think about it- your cell phone goes with you places your laptop and PC can’t. My partner uses his to navigate hands free while riding his bike. I overheard a friend take an important (voice only, I presume) call in the shower the other day. I bring mine to bed with me- my phone that is, not my friends… The terrible health consequences of what I do to avoid pouring sounds in ASMR videos aside, the ubiquity of our mobile devices in our lives cannot be ignored.

We like to think we’re doing something about it.

If you’ve ever researched purchase loans or refinance options on your mobile phone, you’ve likely noticed that there are dozens of companies offering to refinance your home. Why apply online with us, a brokerage with twenty years of carefully cultivated industry relationships, over one hundred lender pricing engines at our finger tips, and a commitment to find you the best rate? Because we close dozens of online mortgage transactions just like yours, every, single, day. Why not let finding the right mortgage be easy. Let us do the hard work for you.

Give us a call, or use your mobile phone to apply online, today!